B.S. Neuroscience Undergrad

Freelance Graphic Designer


Hi! I'm Madeline, a second-year neuroscience undergraduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


I've always been passionate about both STEM and art, and I firmly believe between that a union between the two  will lead to not only further innovation, but also a greater ability to educate the public about scientific topics. I think the current pandemic has demonstrated that science needs to be delivered to the public in a more digestable manner, and I believe that art and graphic design can help do that. A few infographics and scientific illustrations can be found under my research tab to illustrate this principle.


As a neuroscience student, I'm primarily interested in psychopharmacology and the biochemical processes that

underlie mental illnesses such as a depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. I intend to go to grad school and obtain a Ph.D. in neuroscience so that I can further research the development of these illnesses and innovate new ways of treating them.


In addition to my neuroscience studies, I am obtaining a minor in Computing and Intelligence through Georgia Tech's renowned College of Computing. A firm understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence will lead to a better understanding of the brain. Currently, I am well-versed in Java and Python, but intend to learn more languages as I go along.


Despite the rigorous STEM coursework here at Tech, it is important that I keep my creative pursuits close. I regularly write and do layout work for the North Avenue Review, Georgia Tech's free speech literary magazine. Writing topics of interest include satire, politics, and essays that attempt to destigmatize mental illness, primarily in young adults and in relationships. I also do graphic design commissions and design stickers and t-shirts for various organizations around campus, including SMILE, whose mission it is to improve mental health at Tech through acts of kindness, care, and outreach aimed at faculty, staff, and students alike.


Although I know Photoshop, Indesign, and Muse, my program of choice is Illustrator for most of the graphic design work I do. I am also learning Procreate for digital artwork and one day hope to teach myself a bit about animation.


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