B.S. Neuroscience Undergrad

Freelance Graphic Designer

"Madeline made the design process so easy. She guided me through brainstorming and refining until we landed on the perfect combination of all the things I wanted for my logo. She was always quick to respond and welcomed feedback. I enthusiastically recommend her work to anyone looking for creative services for their company!"

- Erin M. of Crafting College LLC

Lacey Gracey

Lacey Gracey is the comedy persona of my high school peer, Grace Motahari. She posts funny skits, TikToks, and hilarious vlogs. I highly recommend checking out her material!


Graphic Designer, 2020

- Designed and created logo in Adobe Illustrator

Talking DogS Farm

Talking Dogs Farm, located in Griffin, GA just an hour or so outside of Atlanta, is my family's farm. Established in 2021, I will be handling most of our graphic and web design needs.


Graphic Designer, 2021 - pres.

- Designed and created logo in Adobe Illustrator

Metro Atlanta Access Program (MAP)

he Metro-Atlanta Access Program (MAP) aims to provide students at under-resourced Atlanta-area public schools with the guidance and support necessary to successfully navigate the college search, application, and selection processes. An intensive summer program, MAP partners with admissions professionals from selective, supportive, post-secondary institutions who come to Atlanta to provide rising seniors with high-quality college counseling. The support services provided outlast the duration of the program and cultivate viable paths to and through college.


Graphic Designer, 2016

- Designed and created logo in Adobe Illustrator

Crafting College, LLC

A company that guides high school students throughout the college process, personalizing the experience and tailoring it to best fit the students' needs.


Graphic Designer, 2015

- Designed and created logo in Adobe Illustrator

Brain Ark

An organization aiming to create a digital archive of the brains of major taxa using structural MRIs.


Web Designer, 2016

- Built/designed

- Maintains site


Personal Websites

Websites designed and developed to represent individual people online.


Web Designer, 2016

- Built/designed

- Maintains site




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