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The American Police As a Tool for Governmental Despotism

This multimodal essay was my final paper  in Professor Brad Rittenhouse's Fall 2020 class on American Literature and Culture. Given the events of the previous summer, Professor Rittenhouse chose to structure his class around literature discussing race in America. By analyzing several different sources, I argue that the American police have been and continue to be used as a tool for suppressing minorities and progressive movements across the country.

North Avenue Review

Summer / Fall 2020

In addition to doing layout for several pieces ("Teaching Empathy," "Regressive Ideas of Sexual Assault," "Now Language," "People in My Brain," "I Want That Superman", "Bad Poetry", "Neo Warhol"), including my own, in this issue, I wrote three pieces: one about the Black Lives Matter protests the summer of 2020 and two more about mental illness, relationships, and the pandemic.

Love, Alice:

The Selected Interviews of Alice Notley

Whether this counts more as writing or graphic design is beyond me. For my English 1102 final project here at Georgia Tech - under the guidance of my professor Dr. Nick Sturm - I researched the career of famed poet Alice Notley, combing through her artwork and finding interviews she'd done throughout the years. I even got to interview her myself! I laid out the research and the interviews in a book and printed a few copies. It was a labor-intensive effort, but holding a book I'd designed and researched myself was well worth it.

To read the book and learn more about my project, click on the image above!


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